Conservative class war

Champion blogger Scott Alexander recently outlined a strategy for electoral success in a belated and compelling recommendation to US Republicans.

Alexander suggests Republicans can build on Trump’s successes by pivoting from “mindless populist rage” to a platform of fighting classism; by moving from seeking support from the WHITE working class, to support from the white WORKING CLASS.

Alongside a war on higher education, experts, and the upper-class media (formerly known as the mainstream media), a key component of the strategy as Alexander outlines it is a war on wokeness.

Alexander recommends arguing that, “Wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you”, leading to a situation in which “the only way not to be racist is to master an inscrutable and constantly-changing collection of fashionable shibboleths and opinions which are secretly class norms. The whole point is to make sure the working-class white guy…feels immeasurably inferior to the college-educated white guy who knows that saying ‘colored people’ is horrendously offensive but saying ‘people of color’ is the only way to dismantle white supremacy.” Then, “If anybody asks you for your theory of racism, it should be that a lot of modern racism is a subform of classism, where people naturally assume minorities are lower class”.

It’s a strange strategy. In some ways it seems all backwards with the ‘right’ invoking class to gain power. But give it a moment’s thought and it makes sense, and has already been happening, if not in those terms. Free market small state low tax low regulation capitalism painted as the solution that allows hardworking individuals to get ahead, untramelled by the EU, welfare state, red tape, urban elite, and scoffing intellectuals.

Whether those are you politics or not, the fact it also allows billionaires and multinationals free reign is surely significant in their promulgation.

(extracted from a discussion of the Race report)